Look who we bumped into in the hallway!

Fringe were filming in our building, on our floor! Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv were so nice to let us take a few pictures with them. We knew they were filming today but thought we had missed seeing them as we came home late. Luckily they were still filming at ~10pm :-)

Cecilia thinks Joshua is much taller in-person than she imagined. She was thrilled when the elevator door opened and there he was just standing in the hallway!

Anna looks exactly as she does on screen, she’s pretty! She switched right back to her Australian accent when she was talking to us.

Anna’s autograph to Cecilia! She was so nice, she just finished several takes of a scene where they had to run in the hallway. It was the last take of the night, but still gracious enough to sign this and take a picture with us.

FBI arriving at our building earlier that day

the “Observer” is here too!

Elevator reserved for Fringe Crew

Film gear!

Anna’s chair in our hallway!

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